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Crack Your CV, Crack Open Opportunities

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Grace Pountney, Editor-in-Chief at Grace Writes

Written & Edited by: Grace Pountney (Editor-in-Chief)

Expand your horizons with Workflow Weekly, a Career Junkie blog. We support students and young people in their early careers by sharing individual accounts and recruitment process tips! We answer your Career Conundrums and give free feedback on CVs. 'Say Hello' using our form is you want your CV checked.

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It’s all about the CV

Your CV is your first impression.

It is the first way that you tell employers about all the amazing experiences you have.

It is the first time employers interact with you and learn about you.

You need to get your CV right.

Employers may receive hundreds of CVs for a specific role, so you need to stand out from the crowd and ensure your CV is the best reflection of you.

This step-by-step video will take you through each part of a CV, with examples of what each section should look like. It will also give you handy overall tips for smashing your CV!


How To Write A CV: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Getting Started

  • Open a Microsoft Word or Google Docs file - you don’t need to use anything fancy to create your CV.

  • Save your file as ‘[Your Name CV].

  • At the top of CV, in the centre, write your name in capital letters, bold, and in a slightly larger font size than the rest of your CV will be.

  • Just underneath, write your email address and telephone number with a bullet or slash in between.

2. Education

3. Experience

4. Courses and Events / Interests and Achievements



1. Reverse-Chronological Order

List your education and experiences in reverse-chronological order i.e. newest/most recent first.

2. Statistics

3. Bullet Points

4. References

5. Feedback & Check



1. Photo

Do not include a photo; this is not necessary and may cause unconscious bias or discrimination.

2. Address

3. >2 Pages

4. Write 'CV'

5. Experience Before Education


Career Conundrums

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Each week, at Workflow Weekly, we answer your career questions!

Where can I get my CV checked?

We are happy to check your CV and give you feedback!
  1. Watch 'The Ultimate Guide To CVs' YouTube video, and read through this article carefully, following the steps when creating your CV.

  2. After you have done that, feel free to contact us via the 'Let's Chat' button or our form, asking for your CV to be checked. Grace can then connect with you on LinkedIn and you'll be able to send your CV to her to check.


Got a question? Submit it using the link below:



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