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New To The World Of MedComms? Start Here...

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Grace Pountney, Editor-in-Chief at Grace Writes

Written & Edited by: Grace Pountney (Editor-in-Chief)

Get into medical communications with MedComms Map, a MedComms Machine blog. The ultimate guide for science students looking to pursue a career immersed in pharma and health, outside of the lab. We dive into MedComms roles, share medical writing test tips, and answer your MedComms Mysteries!

What is MedComms?

Medical communications, often referred to as MedComms, is a rapidly growing industry.

1. Core/Traditional MedComms

Predominantly, medical communications consists of agencies supporting pharmaceutical clients with written material (print or digital) that can include slide decks, publications, manuscripts, congress materials, posters, videos, courses, and leaflets.

MedComms Agency Services

MedComms agencies vary in size and can specialise/offer services in:

  • Medical Education

  • Regulatory Writing

  • Market Access

  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

  • Medical Affairs

  • Marketing

  • Consulting

MedComms Agency Structure

MedComms Agencies Examples

2. Alternative MedComms

Other MedComms roles, outside of MedComms agencies are becoming more common. For example, medical content writer and medical copywriter roles at digital health start-ups, such as Little Journey and ORCHA.


Do you think medical writing is right for you?

  • Yes!

  • No, I'd like to work elsewhere in MedComms!

  • Not sure, yet!

  • No, medical writing and MedComms aren't for me.


Getting Started In MedComms

Click the button below to download this amazing introductory guide to MedComms, published by NetworkPharma Ltd on the and websites.

Getting Started in MedComms
Download PDF • 15.49MB

A guide to getting started in medical communications

This guide is great for anybody who wants to get into MedComms; from students still studying for their bachelor's degree, individuals with a master's or PhD, or a medical professional looking to change careers.

It mainly focuses on core/traditional MedComms and helps you decide whether the role of medical writing, in this environment, is right for you, and whether you are a suitable candidate.


MedComms Mysteries

MedComms Map Blog logo

Each issue, we answer your MedComms questions!

Do I need a PhD to become a medical writer?

Short answer: No!

The majority of traditional MedComms agencies do not require a PhD for entry-level medical writing roles.

This used to be the case but has changed in recent years.

Most agencies simply require a bachelor's degree in a life sciences subject, although it is important to take on extracurricular activities and/or work experience (be this through for example, a year in industry, summer internship, society committee role, or part-time work) so you can stand out from the crowd in a competitive industry.


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