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Notion Work/Study Planner: No-Nonsense & Easy-To-Use

Updated: Jan 8

✍🏻 Grace Pountney | Medical Content Writer at Little Journey


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What is productivity?

Nowadays we see the word 'productivity' everywhere and many would argue that it has created a toxic 'all-work, no-play' environment.

I want to change the narrative of productivity by sharing information and resources that have helped me to live an enjoyable, balanced life.


What does productivity mean to me?

For me, productivity starts with decluttering mentally and planning efficiently.

This way I can ensure I can stay on top of my work for Little Journey and Grace Writes, and make time for travel, time with friends and families, and doggie cuddles 🐶 ...

...and I am, therefore, productive!


How do I declutter and plan?

Notion, Notion, Notion!

You've probably heard lots of people rave about Notion over the years, and I'll be honest...

...I didn't always love it.

I didn't get it.

I thought it was too confusing.

There was too much going on.

I tried lots of different people's templates but they were all so convoluted and more hassle than they were worth.


And then I got my job at Little Journey and knew I would need an effective way to plan my work when I started, alongside my personal projects.

LinkedIn screenshot of comments from Grace Pountney and Jeff Su
LinkedIn screenshot of comments from Grace Pountney and Jeff Su

Luckily, I came

across the incredible Jeff Su's YouTube channel!

In my opinion, Jeff is the king of productivity!

And I mean proper productivity - simple, effective, easy-to-use and set-up methods of organising work and life.

We even became best buds in the comments section of one of my LinkedIn posts sharing one of his videos...hehe.


Jeff shared a Notion Daily Planner template, that was built with inspiration from Thomas Frank (another big productivity YouTube).

So what did I do?

I took inspiration from both Jeff's and Thomas' templates and adapted them to create (what I believe to be - yes, I may be a bit biased) the ultimate Notion daily and weekly work/study planner.


Notion Work/Study Planner: No-Nonsense & Easy-To-Use

Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use the template:

  1. Click the 'Free Download' button.

  2. Choose how much you'd like to give in exchange.

  3. Download the template and enjoy!

Notion Template: Notion Work/Study Planner
Notion Template: Notion Work/Study Planner


Written by: Grace Pountney (Editor-in-Chief)


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Q: Can I use a physical planner too?

A: Short answer: Of course!

Lots of people still like to use physical planners. If this works for you then this is awesome. I do think it is really important to keep a digital planner too though. This is because you obviously you don't run the risk of losing it, like you do with a physical planner, and you can store and manage a lot more data in more creative, time-saving, and productive ways!


Thank you for reading Workflow Weekly!

We hope you found it interesting. We look forward to seeing you next time!

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