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Deep Dive Into Medical Writing

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Grace Pountney, Editor-in-Chief at Grace Writes

Written & Edited by: Grace Pountney (Editor-in-Chief)

Get into medical communications with MedComms Map, a MedComms Machine blog. The ultimate guide for science students looking to pursue a career immersed in pharma and health, outside of the lab. We dive into MedComms roles, share medical writing test tips, and answer your MedComms Mysteries!

What is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is a job that involves writing scientific and/or medical materials in various forms, for different audiences. The form depends on the type of work your agency does e.g. publications, market access, or regulatory.

Check out our previous issue to find out more about the skills you need to be a medical writer and other roles in MedComms, including medical copywriting.


European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)

The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) is a not-for-profit organisation, with a website that offers access to EMWA's journal Medical Writing, their Freelancer and Company listing, and their job vacancies for freelance and in-house medical writers and editors.

They have published an incredibly comprehensive career guide for aspiring and new medical writers, delving into the different types of medical writing, necessary skills, and more!

Download the guide below and check out the website here.

med writers career guide
Download PDF • 5.98MB
Career Guide for New Medical Writers

American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) have also put together a 'Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Medical Writer'. You can view it by clicking the button below!

Medical writers are able to present data and its interpretation in a way the target audience will understand.


Do you think medical writing is right for you?

  • Yes!

  • No, I'd like to work elsewhere in MedComms!

  • Not sure, yet!

  • No, medical writing and MedComms aren't for me.


MedComms Mysteries

MedComms Map Blog logo

Each issue, we answer your MedComms questions!

Are medical writers ghostwriters?

Short answer: No!

Medical writing is not the same as ghostwriting. Medical writers are legitimate contributors to manuscripts, and the agency/individual's (if they are a freelancer) name will be included. Ghostwriting is unethical.


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