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MedComms Careers: Choose Your Path

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Grace Pountney, Editor-in-Chief at Grace Writes

Written & Edited by: Grace Pountney (Editor-in-Chief)

Get into medical communications with MedComms Map, a MedComms Machine blog. The ultimate guide for science students looking to pursue a career immersed in pharma and health, outside of the lab. We dive into MedComms roles, share medical writing test tips, and answer your MedComms Mysteries!

Think MedComms is the right industry for you but unsure which MedComms career path to take?

Look no further. In this post, we outline MedComms career options, and the skills needed for each. Read until the end to find out what to do if you still can't decide which one is right for you!


Traditional Career Paths in MedComms

Check out this amazing FirstMedCommsJob Masterclass video with the MedComms Mentor, Eleanor Steele, who takes you through the career options in MedComms and the different types of companies you can join.

There are several career paths you can take in medical communications. You'll need great written and verbal communication, time management, and teamwork skills for all these careers, but you'll need to capitalise on other key skills, depending on which path you choose you take.

1. Client Services

Customer-facing project management.

Key Skills:

  1. Pragmatism

  2. Interpersonal skills

  3. Leadership

Typical Career Path:

Role Description:

Meet an Account Executive

2. Medical Writing

Writing scientific/medical material.


  1. Versatility

  2. Determination

  3. Creativity

Typical Career Path:

Role Description:

Meet a Medical Writer:

3. Editorial

Editing written scientific/medical material.


  1. Attention to Detail

  2. Ruthlessness

  3. Logic

Typical Career Path*:

Role Description:

Meet a Medical Editor:


Alternative MedComms Career Paths

Although these positions are harder to come by, as the industry grows more are being created and becoming available, particularly in start-up companies.

1. Medical Copywriting

Medical copywriting encompasses medical writing and creative copywriting. You may write scientific or medical content for marketing materials, websites, and/or promotional videos. Copy is often written in layman's terms, which means it can be understood by an audience who are not specialist in a particular subject (referred to as a lay audience).

Virginia Chachati, Senior Medical Copywriter at ORCHA,

writes on her LinkedIn page that her duties include:

'Writing original medical content to enhance the ORCHA product suite, including bespoke descriptions for hundreds of digital health products. Focus on international plain English for global audience reach and easy translation into multiple languages. User experience and user interface microcopy and design, brand tone of voice and key messaging development. New product development. Course website copywriting.'

2. Medical Content Writing

Medical content writing is similar to medical copywriting, and the two job titles may be used interchangeably.

"As a Medical Content Writer at Little Journey, I write patient and parent information articles and storylines for animations, that appear on the Little Journey app. Since we support children undergoing procedures, I have to tailor storylines and articles to specific age groups, and ensure the parent information articles are written in layman's terms. I also write and edit marketing materials."

~ Grace Pountney, Medical Content Writer at Little Journey


MedComms Mysteries

MedComms Map Blog logo

Each issue, we answer your MedComms questions!

What should I do if I still can't decide which route is right for me?

Short answer: Keep going!

  • Keep doing your research and subscribe to get our articles straight to your inbox.

  • Look out for our following posts which will spotlight different roles.

  • A number of agencies offer full-time roles on graduate schemes with various roles and opportunities to experience different parts of the business. We'll be sharing these shortly!

  • Consider starting as a medical writer as it is easier to transfer to editorial or client services later along the line than from editorial or client services to medical writing.


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